How to become appointed by BJW Insurance?

Retail agents and brokers must be fully licensed and insured in order to be eligible for consideration. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships within the brokerage community and are seeking good partners. Please contact our office for further information about the process and to discuss opportunities.

What are the benefits for retail broker producers to place business with BJW?

The primary benefits are:

  • Quick competitive quotes and in depth response to brokers and insured's requests
  • Extensive access to broad P & C markets for the most difficult to place risks
  • Highly responsive and skilled staff provides excellent customer service and adds value

Where should your submissions be sent?

You may either send your request for quotes to submissions@bjwins.com or call (510)208-6625 to speak with BJW staff to process the request.

How quickly can you expect to receive a quote?

Althoughg response times may vary according to the completeness of the information submitted, the estimated response time is usually within 24-to-72 hours.

How are claims submitted and how are loss runs ordered?

Claims or loss runs should be directed to the BJW staff broker who bound the account.

How to check the status of submissions?

For a status update, please call or email the BJW broker where the applicant information was sent and provide your return email or fax number.

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